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Session 4 - Wednesday 7th December

A tied voted meant that this session of #NIedchat would be in two parts. Part 1 would look at what difficulties teachers were having in incorporating “the 5 Es” of the UICT framework into their lessons. The second half of the chat would look at strategies for promoting independent learning.

It quickly became apparent that “Exchange” was the element of the UICT framework that our teachers were having the most difficulty with. A number mentioned that it was “meaningful” exchange opportunities which were hard to plan for. From experience exchange has meant e-mailing a document tot the teacher or sharing ideas within LNI although often this type of exchange is” manufactured” and isn’t born out of necessity. Examples were given of how exchange could be achieved. Edmodo, Voicethread and Quad-Blogging were all mention. Information about Quad-Blogging can be found here. Many of our teachers are getting excited by the possibilities of using Elluminate as a means of Exchange and collaboration. The suggestion was made that or next #NIedchat could be through the medium of Elluminate and an agreement in principle was made.

UPDATE: NIedchat Elluminate session on Wednesday 14th December at 8.30!

“Exhibit” was the next E to come in for some scrutiny. Participants were asked how their schools were managing with the requirement to store a portfolio of pupil work for assessment. It seems that schools are improvising with external hard-drives and shared areas as well as LNI workspaces. None of the respondents mentioned bespoke e-portfolio builders such as Mahara. Many of our teachers seem to like the functionality offered by dropbox and free websites like Wikispaces however it was hinted that e-portfolio building software could be on its way for NI schools.

The conversation then moved on to “Independent Learning”. How can it be encouraged in the classroom.
  • Group work to encourage learning from peers and to take ownership of the learing process @katebook
  • KWL grids @mrmalcontent
  • Addressing all learning styles @medv2
  • SOLO taxonomy @amandasalt
  • Offering choice of learning materials/styles @dmchugh675
  • Making learning relevant through “authentic” texts and examples @amandasalt
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